The Literati means persons whom are interested in the literature and the arts, also means an educated, intelligentsia and scholarly person.

We choose this name because of our passion in Chinese Literati Painting, and we believe that the prerequisite to art appreciation is awareness & knowlegde in the subject matter thru learning, most importantly we are promoting the appreciation of Attitude, Creativity and Skills of Artist in the making of an Artwork, thus a Fine Art. We aim and aspire to create greater awareness in fine arts appreciation, collection and investment in our society, by way of conducting local fine arts appreciation and awareness talk. Making art a valuable asset to our society.

With more than 25 years combined experience in appreciating artworks. We pride ourselves as art enthusiast and our primary focus now is to provide art awareness and consultancy services in fine arts collection and appreciation, advising on private gallery & museum set up, art collection, art investment and art dealing. Currently our company represents and promote some of the local established artists.

We hold an auctioneer license, we want to create an art marketplace and selling solution for arts collectors and investors. Collectors and art investors play an integral role in a thriving art industry for the country. We accept consignment and private sales from collectors. Consignment of well known works and interesting collections are most welcomed. We ensure confidentiality and privacy of all dealings.

Our company also provide training management consultancy services, we try using art in our training program. As art means work of creativity, self-expression, presentation and communication, art is a type of work and art is what it takes and makes us human. Through art, we learn the meaning of work done to the best of one’s ability and thus having the joy of finishing a great job, gaining social recognition from the satisfaction of a work well done. In community and organization, there is a real need for having the idea of work done well, whether working for personal fulfillment or working for social recognition or its’ economic motivation at the best toward economic achievement. Work is indeed one of the noblest expression of the human spirit since time immemorial and art happens to be one of the visible and tangible output/result of work executed to the highest possible standard by a professional, showing their careful thought, work passion/love, work of highest quality and the best workmanship possible. All of these ideals are strengthened every time artist commit themselves to the endeavor of art/work, once finished and putting down a signature. We strongly feel that art can be one of the way for people to learn the attitude, values and virtues of success. We use art and artist story to inspire, motivate, empower and train other human talent that we come in contact.

For the investment services, thru the economic cycles, come with us over 18 years of rich experiences and insights in investment management for both the retail and institutional investors’ investment needs. We strongly believe that we can value add to your current investment strategy and know how, to spice up your investment portfolio and asset allocation for long term sustainability thru our knowledge transfer.

In short, we deal with human talent…….and their attitude towards their works.

The Literati in Ancient China by Master Kueh